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by page of concrete

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recorded the first weekend of september 2014 at the lab all ages studio in alexandria, va by dan abh and connor white. mixed at the tor studio in herndon, va by connor white. mastered at the lab all ages studio by dan abh. album art by mitchie shue and nick capsalis.

skullkid and their music may be found at


released October 27, 2014

all words and music by skullkid and page of concrete

dylan a.//nick c.//mehraz f.//mitchie s.



all rights reserved


page of concrete Richmond, Virginia

richmond screamo

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Track Name: Skullkid - Monster Zero
Your planet is desolate
You only destroy
Go be happy somewhere else
Go be happy somewhere else

Monster Zero
From Planet X

Ashes In the Sky
Cry Ashes
Too late to try to
Cry Ashes
Of the chamber / That sees through the stars / Power desired by all / Willful breaths unheard / Taking flight / A world left desolated
Track Name: Skullkid - Oculus
This world is an illusion
The affection the violence
The homes and faces
The sounds, everything I touch
Illusory Illusory Illusory

This world is an illusion
Stuck in a game
The violence the faces
Stuck in a game
But that doesn't mean we can't still feel
Illustrious gifts with nothing in them
Shroud your face / Melt it down / Paradox / Play a part / Destiny
Track Name: Skullkid - Cascade Failure
Torn out
from the rose bush
The thorns might just
sting a bit

Embrace the comfort of no choice
These steel hands might feel cold
but at least they will hold you forever
At least there's no more prickled edges

Cold steel and bone meal dusty souls with hollow goals
What if you had no choice?
From the dirt / Now the dark / Inside / For shame / All inclusive command / Erase / Swept away / Through shock / Pull the plug
Track Name: prismatic core failing
this is the last entry aboard my vessel a peaceful place to let go held orbiting the vacuum night planet past and fast receding roots of light dark stars display how bittersweet these noxious friends leave see the rushing cosmos greeting slow stardust galaxy storms novae come pull my eyes whole into stories no cave could contain
Track Name: introvert's masamune
your arms are submachine guns relentlessly pummeling bullets from each jab but i see the rust on your gun-metal heart the chambers have begun to wilt she is not the idol that you tear down with your fists why would you ascribe to a culture that allows you to heckle like hyenas salivating at the mouth encapsulated by a culture of hatred that shames those into an other
Track Name: my exodus is my only home
hardly homebound where for busted ships to dock when earth is lifeless sparks catch no incentive when the cinema of stars is solved one quiet cloud diffusing with a broken candle's voice the wax is tinged with your name but the flames scream solitude continuously tearing forever an endless paradigm of burns and lacerations this candle never dies these legs never cease my exodus is my only home