by page of concrete

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recorded by connor white at 666 hj hill richmond, va and the shue residence in herndon, va. mixed by connor white at the tor studio in herndon. va. art by zoe brzezinski


released April 13, 2014

all words and music by page of concrete

dylan a.//nick c.//mehraz f.//mitchie s.



all rights reserved


page of concrete Richmond, Virginia

richmond screamo

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Track Name: a metropolis
a metropolis ubiquitous so long as we cease ambition, fall to streets become harmonious conviction, with syringed layers of harmonious conviction blanketing these bones highrise horizon, we dream through the alley emerging to notice the roads that have grown with a foul stench of anxiety clinching these pavement markings so tight (shadows angled, streetlights bleeding, hiways feeding, lifeline fading) so tight that our skin burns with frustration when trying to run out the boils we've let fester under the concrete encasing that determines us
Track Name: chase cunningham
where had you gone and where will you go where have you been to where shall you go so too should you join is in tumultuous matrimony for each street weeps without the sacrifice of our feet
Track Name: toast to clichés in a dark past
in a cauldron opaque and charred meticulously through ages of laborious culmination it comes to me, in a city opaque and concrete it comes to me be it abhorrent or vague how much our acquaintanceship unravels the subdued years of lies structuring my very body into place today what of night and what of nebulous decay what of rain rejuvenating what of quiet space
Track Name: interlude
if I could part rain, if I could part the worries from who I am the megalith of iron wrought pain would embrace the land in a plethora or plague megalith of pain wrought if I could, whichever fate is irrelevant to me for there are centuries engraved in such a sick mess it begins with realization and an overbearing sensation to empower the cretins who want us to destroy our own land and from the ruins we'll walk an archaic trek to shatter preconceived notions of fucking liberation forever
Track Name: archestones
when the fault that isolates our generation into a valleyed prison is that we fail to see the world around us because some of us believe that we are the world around us, watching the rain, ingrates uncontrollably froth at the mouth with such intensity a waterfall of self absorbed serum falls onto this cracked sidewalk (streetlights fading, sidewalks leading, some of us really believe that we are the world) and spreads to other reconditions of life where we are too blind to even acknowledge the extinction due to misconstrued acts of continuously killing ourselves not a fit antidote for the structured overhaul of humans
Track Name: dakhma
we grow to sky and fall with night we mean more than our predisposed place and should you limit us from our capabilities than an enemy of our planted seed have you marked us